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HYDROSTOP™ PremiumCoat® Finish Coat

Roof Ryders Inc Palm Beach is a certified roofing contractor for all roofing and waterproofing applications of HydroStop™ PremiumCoat®. We are a highly recommended company with a great reputation by offering the most affordable prices throughout all of Palm Beach County, FL. Our services are always backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


The HydroStop™ PremiumCoat® Finish Coat is a water-based acrylic top coat. Used in conjunction with the HydroStop™ PremiumCoat® Foundation Coat and HydroStop™ PremiumCoat® Fabric, it creates the HydroStop™ PremiumCoat®System which is a roofing and waterproofing solution for coating, recover, reroof and new roof applications. It provides a fully-adhered, adhesively attached, breathable acrylic membrane and a complete roof cover.


  • Metal (historic or commercial) roof waterproofing
  • Flat and low-pitched roof waterproofing, including BUR, concrete(structural or LW), EPDM, Hypalon, modified bitumen, PVC, and TPO
  • Parapet wall & Exterior wall waterproofing
  • Flashing of all types

Physical Properties

PremiumCoat® Finish Coat
Finish Flat
color Patina green
Voc 49g/l (calculated)
Solids by volume 52%(±2) [ASTM D2697]
Solids by weight 66(±2) [ASTM D1644]
Density 12.0 (±0.3) lb/gal
Viscosity Krebs: 123 [ASTM D562] Brookfield 6rpm: 34,000 [ASTM D2169]
Tensile Strength 173 psi [ASTM D2370]
Enlongation Initial: 323% [ASTM D 2370] Post 1,000 hrs Xenon: 122%
Tear Resistance 82[ASTM D624]
Permeance 4.9[ASTM D1653]
Accelerated Weathering 1,000 hours: Pass, no change [ASTM D4798]
Low Temp Flexibility Pass, -15°F after 1,000 hrs Xenon [ASTM D522]
Water Swelling 7.8 after 7 days exposure [ASTM D471]
Wet Adhesion 7.3[ASTM D]
Fungi Resistance 0 rating [ASTM G21]
Typical Service Limits 30°F to 200°F (-37°c to 93°c)
Application temp min. +40°F to 105°F (ambient)
Typical Drying Time (Touch dry) 1-4 hours at 77°F @ 40@ RH
Full Cure 7 Days